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Today, a significant amount of the world`s global GDP is being spent on Maintenance activities, especially for addressing equipment breakdown or Failure .Operational efficiency, equipment ROI and safety considerations give rise to an industry need to ensure that the equipment is functional and utilized To is potential.

The maintenance function is evolving from being after the Fact, to planned, to predictive to finally self-fixing .emerging domains like M2M Communication, developments in operational sensor technologies, combined With advance in information technologies including cloud-based platforms, Big data and analytics are helping unlock the unused potential of consumer Equipment by providing real-time data on performance levels .based on these Parts with the right means without losing equipment efficiency .this will mitigate Unnecessary spends and repeated failures.

1st Tehran eMaintenance Conference is designed to help you improve your maintenance capabilities; by keeping you up-to-date with the latest developments & Technologies in the industry and to provide platform for you to exchange ideas, discuss strategic and technical challenges and share practical solutions.


Who You Will Meet:

  • Directors, VPs, Heads and Engineers of:
    • Maintenance Asset Management
    • Integrity / Reliability
    • Maintenance Planning and Control
    • Plant/ Facilities Management
    • Operations
    • HSE / HSSE Material Management
    • Mechanical Engineering Maintenance
    • Technical Equipment
  • Directors, Heads of Department, Vice Presidents, Managers, Executives and Team Leaders responsible for:

    • Information Technolgy
    • Application 
    • IT solutions
    • Softwars
    • IoT solutions/RFID 
    • Industrial Control Systems (SCADA)
    • Big Data / Analyctis
    • PM SAP
    • Information Security
    • Training & Development
    • Consultants

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